Harmony Realized clients are homeowners and investors looking to sell their property. They are open minded, savvy and willing to do what's needed for a quick sale. The clients receive a vision, a 2nd opinion or hope for a space in need.

Harmony Realized gives homeowners and Realtors good reason to look forward to increased home values.

Our vision

Over the coming years Harmony Realized will become a household name. We are helping to stabilize the market and give homeowners and Realtors an upper hand. We are transforming the way houses are being sold by being able to take all the scattered pieces and turn it into a completed puzzle that buyers can easily picture themselves in. This process usually results in an offer within 2-3 weeks.


about us

After moving 13 times in 18 years and working as a Realtor for 4 years, I finally realized my calling for home staging and organizing. It's what I love to do. I learned that I have an eye for what could be, I can easily see past the chaos and help you create a warm, relaxed atmosphere.

Erin Slaughter 859-250-7777